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Taekwondo for Kids

Taekwondo emphasizes moral development as well. Children learn respect for themselves and  others, heightened concentration, increased self-discipline and self-restraint. The self-discipline that develops as a result of learning and practicing the techniques usually carries over into other areas of the child's life. School grades often improve as your child learns to focus on objectives and to work toward achievement. The self-discipline and self-respect  in which Taekwondo development can provide your child, also will equip your child with the necessary skills and mindset to resist peer pressure.

Benefits for Children:

1.  Self Confidense          2.  Self Esteem         9.  Weight loss 

3.  Respect                       4.  Focus                  10. Increased class room concentration 

5.  Discipline                     6.  Loyalty                11.  Enhances better behavior

7.  Self-Defense               8.  Coordination      12.  Enforces accountability

13.  Reinforces parental values and so much more...

We start with ages 2-4 in our Tiny Tigers Program