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 Universal Martial Arts Academy
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About UMAA

  • We are geared toward Community development
  • We teach village consciousness & community awareness
  • We work with parents & teachers to improve discipline outside of the martial arts school
  • We help to balance the positive male energy needed for the single parent households



We expect to build a vast organization that will be large enough to encompass many students.  We will build this organization through being both organized and committed in our teaching methods.  Our core commandments are encouraged inside and outside of the martial arts training facilities:

  1. Courtesy  -  Always be respectful to fellow  students as well as all human beings
  2. Integrity  -  Follow what is right and balanced even when no one is watching
  3. Perseverance -  Always push yourself to accomplish your goals no matter what the obstacles
  4. Self control  -  The only true control is that of one’s own spirit and self, “Master yourself”
  5. Indomitable Spirit - Never allow any person or situation to dominate you “Stand up for yourself “

We teach and enforce these values in order to  provide discipline and structure to the lives of all students.